Samantha "Sami" McGowan
Sami McGowan (2)
Gender Female
Age 13
Birthdate December 12, 2004
Nationality American
Hometown Scottsdale, Arizona
Height unknown
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
School Grade 7th
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
Affiliations n/a
Dance Studios Club Dance Studio
North Pointe Dance Academy
Titles see below
Friends and Family
Parents Krista and Jim McGowan
Siblings Mason McGowan (twin)
Maddox and Bodie (younger brothers)
Friends Brooklin Cooley
Daylyn Lucky
Addison Moffett
Alexa Moffett
Summer O'Haver
Cami Ritzler
Arie Russell
Jenna Valenzuela
Pets Jones
Nicknames Sami
Samantha "Sami" McGowan (born on December 12, 2004) is a young competitive dancer who currently trains and competes with Club Dance Studio. Prior to the McGowan family's move to Arizona, they lived in Ohio, where Sami competed under North Pointe Dance Academy.



Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Competition Place Awards
2013 unknown unknown unknown StarSystems (Columbus) 3rd in Mini Shining Star Solos
2014 Hollywood unknown unknown Nexstar (Columbus) 4th in Age 9-11 Nexstar Solos
2015 Light Contemporary unknown KAR (Columbus) 1st in Age 9-11 Intermediate Solos
2016 Emergency Jazz unknown Showbiz (Phoenix) did not place
Rein Contemporary unknown 24/SEVEN (Glendale) 7th in Junior Solos
In10sity (Phoenix) 3rd in Elite Junior Solos
JUMP (Phoenix) 6th in Junior Solos
NRG (Phoenix) unknown scoring
NYCDA (Phoenix) 5th in Junior Solos
Shine (Phoenix) 2nd in Junior Competitive Solos
Showbiz (Phoenix) 5th in Junior Diamond Solos
1st runner-up for Regional Junior Miss Diamond Showbiz
Showstopper (Phoenix) 1st in Junior Competitive Solos
The Dance Awards Nationals (Las Vegas) 7th in Junior Solos
Judge’s Pick Award
Luminous Contemporary unknown The Dance Awards Nationals (Las Vegas) Top 11 runner-up for National Junior Female Best Dancer
2017 24/SEVEN (San Diego) 2nd in Junior Solos
Spotlight (Phoenix) did not place
Portrait Contemporary unknown 24/SEVEN (Glendale) 5th in Junior Solos
Countdown (Phoenix) unknown scoring
JUMP (Las Vegas) 4th in Junior Solos
JUMP (Phoenix) 1st in Junior Solos
NUVO (Phoenix) 7th in Junior Solos
Revive (Phoenix) unknown scoring
The Dance Awards Nationals (Las Vegas) Top 21 runner-up for National Junior Female Best Dancer
YAGP (Phoenix) Top 12 in Junior Women’s Contemporary Dance
Slither Contemporary Kayla Kalbfleisch The Dance Awards Nationals (Las Vegas) 9th in Junior Solos
High Gold Award
Ultraviolet Contemporary unknown Groove (Phoenix) 1st in Junior Competitive Solos
unknown Ballet unknown YAGP (Phoenix) Top 12 in Junior Women’s Classical Dance
2018 Contradictions Contemporary Kayla Kalbfleisch NUVO (Dallas) 9th in Teen Solos
Eye of the Beholder Contemporary unknown 24/SEVEN (Glendale)


After Hours - contemporary - 2016

Black Magic - jazz - 2016

Dare - lyrical - 2016

Innocent - lyrical - 2016

London Bridge - jazz - 2016

Spring - contemporary - 2016

Awakening - contemporary - 2017

Did I Mention - unknown genre - 2017

Le Corsaire - ballet - 2017

No More Fear - unknown genre - 2017

Strings - contemporary - 2017


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