Kaycee Caitlin Rice
Kaycee Rice - Hawaii 2015-04-04 crop
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthdate October 21, 2002
Nationality American
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Height 5'3"
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
School Grade 10th (18/19)
Professional Information
Profession Student
Affiliations Daniel Hoff Agency
Bloc Talent Agency
Dance Studios Studio 13 Dance Studio (2009-2016)
Candy Apple's Dance Center (guest)
Titles see below
Friends and Family
Parents Laura Rice (Mother)
Brad Rice (Father)
Janelle Ginestra-Adams (Mama Beast)
William Adams (Papa Beast)
Siblings Kylie Rice
Devon Rice
Friends Victoria Caban
Haley Huelsman
Eva Igo
Ashtin Roth
Chloe Smith
Tessa Wilkinson
Shengela Laquifa Wadley
McKenzie Morales
Bailey Sok
Tahani Anderson
Tatiana McQuay
Sean Lew
Charlize Glass
Will Simmons
Julian DeGuzman
Josh Price
Kenneth San Jose
Vivien Lopez
Bailey Holt
Tricia Miranda
Tessandra Chavez
Matt Steffanina
Taylor Hatala
Pets owns a dog
Nicknames Weirdo
Kaycee Caitlin Rice (born on October 21, 2002 in Woodland Hills, California, U.S.), is a young professional dancer, assistant choreographer, actress, model and a philanthropist living in Los Angeles, California.

At the age of 10, Kaycee did a "Werk" routine for a national dance competition, choreographed by former star dancer Tricia Miranda, which she won. Pop singer Katy Perry somehow found the YouTube video of her very first hip-hop solo ever four months later and tweeted it to about 38,000,000 of her followers. After then she became an overnight internet sensation.[1] She was the first dance kid ever went viral by a non-televised competition video and inspired the youth in 2013. She got immediately interviewed by CNN, [2] appeared on the Queen Latifah Show and some national newspapers and magazines wrote articles about her, plus an exclusive interview with her entire family by UK's Daily Mail. The singer of the performance song "Werqin Girl", Shengela Laquifa Wadley, visited her in Simi Valley at Dance Studio 13, which her mom owned, [3] to thank her for enormous boost in record selling.

Kaycee danced for TV shows and series, music and concept videos, classes and conventions assistance, teaching, commercials and live stage performances. Since joining ImmaBEAST in 2014 [4], she is considered full professional, in the sense of child labor laws allowed it.

She got most fame by dancing or starring on many hours of class routines and concept videos in high quality with some of Los Angeles' most influential and established choreographers with millions of hits over the years.

With the age of 15, Weirdo has had already a thumb thick productive and professional record, with a level of summarizing highlights that many professional dancers cannot match at the end of their carriers, such as; performing on the TV broadcast with most watchers in American history, 120 millions plus 80,000 in the arena, the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, side-by-side with Katy Perry and Missy Elliott with the age of 12; she's also been on the Oscars (2014) and featured in the music video for "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor (2.2 billions hits in 2018) with the age of 11. Performing on the stage with Justin Bieber and Janet Jackson with the age of 13; and many more. A resume until early 2017 is on her Website - THINGS I HAVE DONE. In 2018, she announced trying to get more focus on an acting carrier in future, but dancing remains her main passion. She wants to be on a movie or getting a permanent role in a TV series and is working hard for it to get there.

Kaycee was a guest dancer on the fifth season of Dance Moms and Nickelodeon's School of Rock TV series and The Fuller House. She got her first acting main role on Disney's short film How to catch a ghost and got a minor role in Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later - Season 1 episode "Dance". She played also Maggie on crowd founded TV series The Neighborhood Kiddos, but the series never launched successfully.[5]

She did commercials, for instance, for Walmart and Nike. She gets first dance kid ever sponsored by Nike, running her own campaign and had been allowed to design her own shoe for them - design Weirdo.

She got the nickname "Weirdo" by her mom to describe the not normal behavior of her daughter, which she accepted and made it to her personal philosophy - "Be yourself and be weird." aka have self-esteem and be self-confident and don't care what others think. It seems that Kaycee was a busily student of Bruce Lee's philosophy. She runs a small wearing enterprise first the slogan "Weirdo - Just be you.", managed by her mom, which became much more than a fan merchandiser.

Weirdo gets online home schooled since 6th grade [6] and got A-s straight in first semester of 10th grade[7], showing she has much more to offer than just a high carrier IQ. Her favorite subject is math. She finds it quite challenging. She also started writing poems in 2018 and has a talent for drawing; especially cartoons.

Kaycee is literally famous for being humble and not to take off by success, start bragging or being cocky, even if false modesty seems sometimes ridiculous. Her parents and choreographers conventionalized her to keep ground-standing. If she wants to compare with someone else, she should trying the girl in the mirror or on video. But that was exactly what led to her popularity. Always smiling, in good mood and supportive. She is trying to keep a permanent positive outlook to the world. Her new dance partner Sean Lew said about her "Try bowling with her. She left a trail of glitter and unicorns!" [8] Kindness is her number one must-have feature; for herself and others.[9] This got public interest, because people were asking how a shy and innocent girl deals with the fact, that she was suddenly dragged into an huge spotlight of public eye by Katy Perry's tweet without asking. But she took it cool and ground-standing when "the microphones were pressed in her face" since she was ten. She had never hard feelings about that. On the contrary, she is very thankful that Katy launched her carrier, mined so many opportunities for her and to quote "being on a crazy ride" ever since.

Kaycee also dances many years as philanthropist, such as for, and supporting to fight childhood cancer. Due her engagement and popularity, and those of many other dancers and choreographers, the funds rises very well, financing research and treatments for children with cancer and she personally has had spent some time with kids diagnosed cancer.[10] [11] Other engagements by her went public are [12] and the [13] .

Kaycee began dancing when she was four in a half years old and began competing when she was five years old. Her mother founded "Studio 13" in Simi Valley, where Kaycee grow up, when she was seven years old, to keep up with her basic training; and had to close it seven years later, at September 2016, for multiple reasons.[14] Kaycee went daily strait after school (before homeschooling) to the studio for training. Sometimes until late into the evening when her mom was closing the studio.

She is trained in various styles of dancing - ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, tumbling, acro and her strongest suits contemporary and hip-hop. Her favorite style was tap when she was younger,[15] [16] but It has changed to contemporary and hip-hop later. But she loves actually all styles of dancing and finds challenging to adapt on different styles. Her former partner Gabe De Guzman described: "She picks up choreography really quickly—and she can do any style of dance you throw at her." And DanceSpirit wrote: "Armed with limitless flexibility and a natural expressive quality, Kaycee carved out her place in the competition world as a versatile technical dancer." [17] Her back flexibility combined with her without-first-sign spin and turn combinations with smooth transitions ending in accentuated fierce moves with not too much power became to a kind of trademark of her dance. Derek Hough, who was not used to watch Kaycee stated in The Duels round of World of Dance Season 2: "First of all, your back bend over there, the moment ... *showing move* ... the turn around, was sick, absolute stunning!" She made a stretching routine video, to show how she kept that flexibility. Gabe described her with "She's like Elastigirl from The Incredibles. She's that flexible." Her new partner Sean Lew stated: "She has no bones." [18] But actually he should know better after experiencing Weirdo's martial arts unplugged - she has a Blue Belt in Tae Kwon Do - during rehearsals of World of Dance by getting it twice in the testicles and one time straight in his head with her leg, of course accidentally. [19] Like most top professionals she has an incredible musicality. Everything is on time in a fraction of second with fierce accentuation, body language and face expression.

According Tricia Miranda's rule "Stop dancing! Start performing!" she is going into class with the attitude, she is on stage and never is holding back. Weirdo is watching the mirror to the minimum and gets full focus on the camera in front of her. That's why on hundreds of videos she is performing she looks like live-on-stage show casing and these videos got up to 60M+ views at the end of 2018. [20] [21] Soon people are realizing that headlining new videos by "ft. Kaycee Rice" could be always good for a couple millions of additional hits. [22][23] - One million hits equals to at least $2,000 USD income as a YouTube Partner Program member. - Those have given Kaycee world fame by name, way before her NBC World of Dance performances with Sean Lew and makes her a permanent viral phenomenon beginning at the end of 2016 when her mother had to shut down the studio and she massively took filmed classes in LA. And since working together with Sean as duet, they both doubled their individual popularity. DanceSpirit wrote after an Interview with her: "I don't feel like I'm a big star," she says. "I'm just a normal person, who loves what she does, and loves sharing it with the world."[24] Humble to the last. But actually, especially in the hip-hop community, Kaycee is already a viral star. By quality of performing. By quantity and variety of dances. And by quality and quantity of getting attention. Kaycee and some other kid dancers are literally a big economical influnce on many video editors by making compilation and reaction videos from other videos of or by her, and those increase her popularity again.

In 2017, she was nominated for the Industry Dance Awards for favorite dancer 17 & under, together with Mackenzie Ziegler, Kalani Hilliker, Tate McRae, Bailey Sok and the winner Nia Frazier. At the end of the year, statistically in 2017, she is shown on 6 of the top 50 (12%) most viewed first release dance videos published on YouTube in 2017. [25]

In 2018, she competed with Sean Lew in season two of NBC's World of Dance. Both were nominated for the Industry Dance Awards 2018 for most fierce dancer under 18, together with Charlize Glass, JT Church and the winner Eva Igo. As absolute surprise must be considered her nomination for a Streamys Award - The Oscars of Web - in the category Dance together with 1million Dance Studio, Dytto (Courtney Nicole Kelly), Kyle Hanagami and the winner Matt Steffanina with still sweet 15 years old. She also started teaching her first dance classes with her own choreography. All of her first three classes of about 80 dancers were sold out in advance.[26] Two months later she was co-/assistant choreographer for Red Velvet's new music video "Really Bad Boy". At the end of the year, statistically in 2018, her fans were able to watch every fourth day a new taped dance by her (about 90 in total) and she is shown on 12 of the top 100 (12%) most viewed first release dance videos published on YouTube in 2018. [27]




Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Competition Place Awards
2009 Goodie Goodie Tap unknown Showstopper unknown
Hound Dog Jazz unknown Showstopper unknown
2010 ABC's of Love Tap unknown Starbound (Long Beach I) 1st in Junior Petitie Solos
Starbound (Redondo Beach II) 1st in Junior Petitie Solos
Starbound (Anaheim II) 3rd in Mini Competitive Solos
Cooties Acrobatic Jazz unknown Starbound (Redondo Beach II) 3rd in Junior Petitie Solos
Starbound (Long Beach I) 4th in Junior Petitie Solos
2011 All About Me Jazz unknown Showstopper (Anaheim II) 4th in Mini Competitive Solos
Somewhere Lyrical unknown unknown unknown
2012 Evil Gal Jazz unknown KAR (Long Beach) 1st in Secondary 8 & Under Solos
Thunderstruck (Las Vegas) 1st in Junior Solos
Rainbow (Ontario I) 2nd in Elite Starz 9-11 Solos
Favorite Things Lyrical unknown Showstopper unknown
That's Tap Tap unknown unknown unknown
2013 Black Widow Jazz Kristin Abbadini Starbound (Redondo Beach) 9th in Junior Solos
Werk Hip-Hop Tricia Miranda unknown 1st in Junior Solos
DaCara Jazz Kristyn Abbadini KAR Dance - Long Beach 1st - Top Intermediate Solo 9-11
DaFace Tap Joy Mosman Revolution (Upland) Regional Junior Miss Revolution
Gone Open unknown Showstopper (Anaheim II) 5th in Junior Competitive Solos
Starbound (Redondo Beach II) 3rd in Junior Solos
OMG Tap unknown KAR (Long Beach) 1st in Junior Solos
Starbound (Redondo Beach) 2nd in Junior Solos
2014 Flawless Hip-Hop Tricia Miranda Thunderstruck 1st in Junior Solos
Revolution (Upland) 3rd in Blue 9-11 Solos
Trapped Open unknown unknown unknown
unknown unknown unknown Revolution (Upland) 2nd in Junior Superstar Solos
1st Runner-Up for Regional Junior Miss Superstar
2015 Fine Objects Open Zoi Tatopoulos Spotlight Dance Cup 1st in Teen Solos
Hot Stuff Jazz unknown unknown unknown
Misdemeanor Hip-Hop unknown Nextstar 1st in Nextstar Teen Solos
Talk Open Kristyn Abbadin Showstopper (Anaheim II) Diamond Winner
2016 Nerodia Open Zoi Tatopoulos Rockstar 1st in Teen Solos
Spotlight Dance Cup Diamond Winner


Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Other Dancer Competition Place Awards
2010 Car Wash Cuties Jazz unknown Bailey Holt Showstopper (Anaheim II) 4th in Mini Competitive Duet/Trio
2013 Monster Hip-Hop Tricia Miranda Gabe De Guzman The Pulse Getting The Pulse Protégés
2014 This Is Us Hip-Hop unknown Bailey Holt
2016 Control Open Zoi Tatopoulos Gabe De Guzman
Gumball Contemporary Zoi Tatopoulos Bailey Holt Spotlight Dance Cup Diamond Winners


Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2013 Beat Thieves Hip-Hop unknown unknown Nextstar 1st in Junior Groups
2015 Pink Friday Hip-Hop unknown Hayley Kassel
Abbigail Hoogveld
Anneston Pisayavong
Aubrie Shadday
Bailey Holt
Kinsley Holt
Kioni Gallagher
Kylie Rice
Becca Perenchio
Alexandra Markow
Starbound - National Talent Competition 1st Place - Teen Elite Group
Sassy Seven Jazz Kristyn Abbadini Kinsley Holt
Violet Osmanson
Becca Perenchio
Rayline Perez
Anneston Pisayavong
Marissa Temme
Spotlight Dance Cup Ruby Winner - Junior Small Group
Six Jazz Kristyn Abbadini Bailey Holt
Kinsley Holt
Becca Perenchio
Anneston Pisayavong
Marissa Temme
Nextstar 1st in Junior Advanced Small Groups
Ethreal Contemporary unknown Haley Huelsman
Tessa Wilkinson
Chloe Smith
Ashtin Roth
Energy 2nd in Teen Small Groups

TV Competition ShowsEdit

America's Got TalentEdit

In 2014, Kaycee competed on season 9 of AGT with her dance partner Gabe De Guzman as Kaycee & Gabe. NBC had invited them to take the audition, after their "Monster" video on The Pulse on Tour went viral. But they were eliminated during Judgment Week. Judge Howie Mandel voted "No", because he felt Gabe was much better than Kaycee. He did not know that she had a broken foot [28], because she did not tell. Otherwise she would not being allowed to perform on stage and had to let down Gabe.

tWitch & Allison's Kids Dance ChallengeEdit

In 2015, the duet with Gabe De Guzman was much more successful on The Ellen DeGeneres Show season 13, where they both won the prize to get a chance being on the Ellen show. At the beginning it was announced that just one kid was allowed on Ellen, but they danced together first round as duo, were been accepted, spitted up for next one and at the end met each other as finalists. However, tWitch & Allison were so amazed by their talent, that they had spoken with Ellen let them both on the show, but they didn't tell, until final duel was battled out. After then they had shown the kids a video of Ellen telling them the good news. On the show, they performed as a quartet with tWitch & Allison, after a short interview by Ellen.

World of DanceEdit

In 2018, on the NBC World of Dance show season 2 she performed with her new partner Sean Lew as Sean & Kaycee, getting second in Divisional Final and they became one of the most popular acts of the show with a lot of special clips and interviews by NBC. They got huge laudation during the show. Jennifer Lopez eulogized them as with "If anyone in this competition can be called prodigies, it's Sean and his partner Kaycee." ... "You have a real talent" ..."technically perfect" ... "You move me in a way I cannot explain sometimes." and actually broke out into tears after Sean & Kaycee had the nerves to perform half of their qualifiers routine blindfolded in front of 8.5 million watchers (air day + 7 days) on national television later (taped 4 months before), making an huge impact in the dance community. Jenna Dewan stated in an interview later: "I swear to you, they are the future of choreography and dance."[29] After first airing the adorable couple was no longer treated as dance stars, but as common celebrities, who pointed out that they are just best friends and not dating (yet). Below are the scores of the rounds they participated in.

Qualifiers (Silence)
Ne-Yo 97
Jennifer Lopez 96
Derek Hough 95
Duels Round (Grimey)
3 Xtreme 87
Sean & Kaycee 93.3
The Cut (Can I Be Him)
Ne-Yo 88
Jennifer Lopez 94
Derek Hough 94
Divisional Final (The Way I Do)
Ne-Yo 91
Misty Copeland 92
Jennifer Lopez 95
Derek Hough 91

Dance TitlesEdit

  • Pulse Elite Protégé 2013/2014 - 2015/2016
  • Pulse Elite Alumnus since 2015/2016 (lifetime title) [30][31]
  • Miss Petite Starquest
  • Miss Petite KAR 2010 & 2011
  • Miss Petite Encore
  • Regional Petite Miss KAR 2012
  • Regional Junior Miss Revolution 2014
  • Thunderstruck International Top Soloist Title Winner 2010, 2011, & 2012
  • Starbound Miss Star of Hope 2012
  • Rainbow Dancer of the Year 2012
  • Miss Jr. Nexstar 2012
  • Teen Miss Nexstar 2015
  • Teen Miss Dance Icon as well as the grand title champion at Thunderstruck's 2015 International Finals.

Runner-Up TitlesEdit

  • 1st runner up for Regional Junior Miss Rainbow Elite Starz DOY 2012

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Title Category Nominated Result Refs
2017 Industry Dance Awards Dancers Choice Award -
Favorite dancer 17 & under
Kaycee Rice Nominated [32]
2018 Industry Dance Awards Dancers Choice Award -
Most fierce dancer under 18
Kaycee Rice Nominated [33]
Streamy Awards Subject Award -
Kaycee Rice Nominated [34]



TV Acting RolesEdit

Year Series/Movie/Film Role Notes
2016 How to Catch a Ghost Jase Nominated for a World Choreography Award (Christopher Scott) [35]
2017 The Neighborhood Kiddos Maggie
Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later Popular Girl

TV Dance PerformancesEdit

Year Show Celebrities Role Other Dancers Notes
2012 Jerry Lewis' MDA Telethon A Kid with MDA Background Group See philanthropy
2013 The Queen Latifah Show Self Starring Solo Plus an interview by Queen Latifah. She was improvising on the show, because she couldn't decide what to dance. But she killed it by freestyle. [36]
2014 The Oscars Pharell Williams Background
2015 The XLIX Super Bowl Halftime Show Katy Perry
Missy Elliott
Background Gabe De Guzman
Charlize Glass
Will Simmons
many more
Co-choreography of Elliott's performance
dance group by Tricia Miranda
Dance Moms Season 5 Abby's Trash, Cathy's Treasure:
Starring Group Haley Huelsman
Tessa Wilkinson
Chloe Smith
Ashtin Roth
2nd in the Teen Small Group Division
3rd Overall
Mackenzie's Time to Shine:
Starring Solo did not place
Starring Group Haley Huelsman
Tessa Wilkinson
Chloe Smith
Ashtin Roth
1st in the Teen Division
1st Overall - 295.6 points
2015-8 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2015:
Stephen "tWitch" Boss & Allison Holker
Starring Quartet Gabe De Guzman Winner of Kids Dance Challenge
Background Sean Lew
Charlize Glass
Josh Price
Ellen DeGeneres
Starring Sextet Stephen "tWitch" Boss
4 others
Ellen's Birthday
Starring Duet Sean Lew
2015-8 KTLA5 News 2015:
Starring Duet Aiden Prince Xiong plus interview about their FabKids commercial and why they are internet sensations. [37]
Starring Duet Sean Lew plus interview about background and World of Dance
2016 Lip Sync Battle Shorties Kyndall Harris Background Tahani Anderson
3 more
VH-1 HIP HOP HONORS “MISSY ELLIOT TRIBUTE” Many Lead Choreography by Tricia Miranda and William "WillDaBeast" Adams.
2016-7 The Disney Music Awards Flo Rida Background & Hype Squad 2016:
Aidan Prince Xiong
Kyndall Harris
Larsen Thompsen
Will Simmons
Gabe De Guzman
and 4 more
Many Hype Squad 2016:
Kyndall Harris
Larsen Thompsen
Intermezzo shows
Tahani Anderson
Gabe De Guzman
Will Simmons
Aidan Prince Xiong
2017 School of Rock
The Fuller House Season 3 Episode 12 Tanner Buchanan Chad Brad Bradley's Dance Battle Group Other Dancers (recognized):
Taylor Hatala
Kyndall Harris
Trinity Inay
1 more
The Teen Choice Awards French Montana Background Group [40]
MTV - Going Off (working title) Tricia Miranda Permanent Class Student Many [41] (A source that the show actually aired would be nice.)

More TV AppearancesEdit

Year Broadcast Hosts Subjects Other Guests Notes
2013 Teens Wanna Know - Latin Flavah - Behind the Scenes Michael Pena Extra subsection (coming soon) Jordyn Jones
Malia Tinay
Tatiana McQuay
Lexee Smith
Victoria Hernandez
Julian Hott
Kayla Kawasaki
Marlee Hightower
Zach Belandres
Kida Burns
Gabriel De Guzman
Brian Pierce
Josh Levi
Melissa Ochoa
DJ Kiss
Bobby "Kato" Drake
Brenda Russell-Baca
Cassius Weathersby
Shane Baca
Featuring the choreography and artistic direction of the award-winning Shane Sparks from So You Think You Can Dance? and America's Best Dance Crew
CNN - The Showbiz Tonight Carlos Diaz Interview about "Werk" hip-hop solo and Katy Perry tweet none
2016 ABC News - Tricia Miranda Her classes, students, background, profession and goals. Why kid dancers like Kaycee Rice and Jade Chynoweth get in a compelation video 44M views. Or Aiden Prince "BAH" Xiong 11M by Hip-hop solos. Tricia got a new show on MTV "Going OFF" (working title) where these kids are permanent acts. many [42]
2018 NBC LA - Channel 4 Morning News Interview about NBC World of Dance, their background etc. Sean Lew
LA TV - The Zoo Interview about NBC World of Dance, their background etc. Sean Lew
Radio Disney Self Clip about "Being yourself" None

Online PlatformsEdit

Music VideosEdit

Platform Title Celebrities Role Notes
Name Release
YT 2011.02.18 Time to Dance Samuel Cristea Background Produced by Palm Scratching Productions.
Lead opposite Samuel is Kaycee's sister Kylie Rice, also starring the Project 13 Dance Team from Studio 13 Dance, Simi Valley California.
YT-Vevo 2014.06.11 All About That Bass Meghan Trainor Background
YT 2014.11.12 Anything is Possible (Barbie Theme Song) Fifth Harmony Background Five more dancers without Fifth Harmony
YT 2015.11.05 Make That Sh*t Work

Official Dance Video

T-Pain ft. Juicy J Starring Group Dancers: ImmaBEAST and more plus T-Pain and. Juicy J
Choreography: Willdabeast Adams & Janelle Ginestra
Filmed: Brazil
Editing: Kalyne Lionheart
YT 2017.06.30 The Man - Feel It Still Portugal Starring Sextet Directed and Edited By: David Javier Concept/Creative Direction/Choreography: Brian Friedman
Other Dancers "The Outlaws":
Charlize Glass
Maddie Ziegler
Sean Lew
Josh Price
Gabe de Guzman
YT 2017.07.14 WORTH IT (PERFECT) SUPERFRUIT Starring Duet with 4 background duets Other dancer:
Sage Rosen
Interesting concept about switched gender perception. Kaycee in taxedo and leading during dancing and Sage wearing a pink dress. Always the Tomboy :-).

Directed by Colin H Duffy, Lindsey Blaufarb and Craig Hollamonnn

YT 2017.12.06 Missing You Blake McGrath Starring Group Choreography by Tessandra Chavez. Directed & Filmed by Tim Milgram.

18 more dancers including Blake as lead.

YT-Vevo 2018.04.03 NO EXCUSES Meghan Trainor Starring Group 11 more dancers
YT 2018.06.21 JUNE feat Sean Lew & Kaycee Rice Sage Charmaine Headlining Duet with Sage Director: Brian Friedman
DP: Brazil
Editor: Kalyne Lionheart
Choreography: Tessandra Chavez
Assistant Choreographer: Kevin Frey
YT 2018.11.30 Really Bad Boy Red Velvet Co-Choreographer, along with Janelle Ginestra and Choi Sunhee. Kaycee's Assistant Choreographers/Skeleton Crew:
Bailey Sok
Sean Lew
and more [43][44][45]
Fan and group feedback on Twitter: [46] Some South Koreans admire HER now -;) [47]

Concept VideosEdit

Platform Title Director/
Role Notes
Name Release
YT 2013.12.13 YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say? Dance Group
People doing crazy stuff. Part of a very long list of actors doing nonsense.
About 128M hits. But for what? ...
YT 2013.12.26 "Kidz" Directed and Edited:
Erik Saradpon
Concept and Choreography:
Tricia Miranda
Starring Group Other Dancers:
Alexus Armijo
Soni Bringas
Charlize Glass
Gabe de Guzman
Julian Hott
Jordyn Jones
Sierra Neudeck
"Baby I" by Ariana Grande
"Slow Down" by Selena Gomez
"Best Song Ever" by One Direction
Filmed at Studio 13 Dance in Simi Valley
YT 2015.10.15 Kaycee Rice - "Brand New Sound" 12 years old Choreography:
Janelle Ginestra
Headlining with two background dancers Other dancers:
Tahani Anderson
Sparkles Lund
Filmed at Studio 13 Dance in Simi Valley
Film Credit-Brazil: Burn The Boats
YT 2015.11.11 Kaycee Rice & Brooklyn Rice - "Klaus" Choreography:
Zoi Tatopoulos
Headlining Duet Film and Edit:
Raul Sanchez & Nico Tatopoulos
YT 2016.02.02 EPIC SPORTS DANCE BATTLE! - Chicken Wing Director, editor and producer:
Scott David Winn
(aka ScottDW)
A sister who joins her brother for a dance battle.
The chicken wing snacks running out during a sports evening with many friends. Two duos battle it out who is to blame.
Gev Manoukian & Kaycee
Cyrus Glitch Spencer & Amymarie Gaertner
YT 2016.02.23 MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE Concept, Choreography and Direction by Janelle Ginestra
Filmed, Edited, and Special Effects by Ricki Crouch
Headlining Duet Other Dancer:
Gabe De Guzman
YT 2016.04.13 Suicide Squad
Part 2 of 3
Filmed and edited by Typo (@MyTypoLife)
Jabari Howard
Music and Choreography:
TJ Lewis
Assisting choreographer:
Deja Carter
Properly a supervillain called Dr. June Moone/Enchantress with super power go transcended.
The second part of dance parody of the movie "Suicide Squad" with 7 supervillains.
Other dancers:
Deja Carter
Josh Price
(Big) Will Simmons
Bailey Sok
Peyton Elizabeth Cortez
Aidan Prince Xiong
Tre De Rego
YT 2016.05.21 Kaycee Rice & Bailey Holt - GUMBALL Choreography:
Zoi Tatopoulos
Headlining Duet Film Credit by @_Typo. Music by Metome Song "GUMBALL".
YT 2016.06.04 Kaycee Rice & Gabe De Guzman "KONTROL" Choreography:
Zoi Tatopoulos
Headlining Duet Film Credit by @_Typo.
YT 2016.07.02 #KAYHANATI Choreography:
Will "Willdabeast" Adams
Headlining Trio
Planned pilot of a parody of Charlie's Angels where the 3 Bestis (in real life) played the angels, while Will is Charlie.
Other dancers:
Tahani Anderson
Tatiana McQuay
Planned to use on BABE 2016. But sequels never went public.
YT 2017.06.02 Life Experiences: Wrong Words ft. Kaycee Rice Choreography, directing and editing:
Sean Lew
Headlining Duet Other dancer:
Sean Lew
David Javier
YT 2017.06.11 Stranger Things Dance Parody Filmed, Edited, Concept by Rickie "Typo" Crouch
Music, Choreography by Tj "True Justice" Lewis
Choreography by Tiffany Rojas
and Deja Carter
Jane "El" Hopper, better known as Eleven Other dancers:
Will Simmons
Myles Perez
Tre De Rego
Sheaden Gabriel
YT 2017.08.31 Look What You Made Me Do Directed, filmed and edited by Ryan Parma
Choreography by Alyson Stoner and Dolores Ninja
Headlining Duet Other dancer:
Alyson Stoner
YT 2018.05.26 FALL IN LINE - Christina Aguilera ft Demi Lovato Concept and Choreography:
Jojo Gomez
Director of Photography:
Tim Milgram
Tim Milgram
Starring Duet Other Dancer:
Jojo Gomez
1st AC: Donovan Okimura
Grip: Brandon Anastascio
Production Assistant: Lexi Okimura
YT 2018.05.30 James TW - Say Love Produced by:
Creative Director / Choreography:

Tyce Diorio
Cinematography / Co-Director / Art Director:
Stew Yost
Danny Reams
Art Director Assistant:
She Streeter
Studio Teacher:
Valerie Piltzlaff

Starring Group Other Dancers:
Janelle Ginestra
Sean Lew
Matthew Kazmierczac
Daniel Bernardo
Taylor Sieve
Lex Ishimoto
Mariano Gonzalez
Easton Payne
Evan Guinet
Shelby Patterson
Sloan-Taylor Rabinor
Aahkilah Cornelius
IG 2018.07.11 “you know what i want to do” Choreography:
Sean Lew
Starring Duet Other Dancer:
Sean Lew
Gerald Nonasdez
Song: Troye Sivan
Dance To This
YT 2018.07.19 Låpsley - Station Directed, Shot, & Edited:
Tim Milgram
Tessandra Chavez
Headlining Duet Other dancer:
Sean Lew
YT 2018.08.11 HIGH SCHOOL DANCE BATTLE V! FRESHMAN DANCE OFF! Director, editor and producer:
Scott David Winn
(aka ScottDW)
A high school student who is going into senior years.
She and her class mate met two senior dance teams who tried to recruit them and have a dance battle over it. Finally both freshmen joined the battle and impressed both teams.
Other dancers:
Gabe De Guzman
Angel Gibbs
Jevohn Gentry

and many more

YT 2018.10.10 Alessia Cara - Growing Pains Concept and Choreography by Jojo Gomez
Directed and Filmed by Donovan Okimura
Produced by Jojo Gomez & Tim Milgram
Production Assistant: Christopher Davis
Headliner with 5 backgrounds Other dancers:
Nick Pauley
Daniel Camilleri
Shea Saulino
Lucas Parada
Francisco Gonzalez

Comment by A. Cara herself on YT: "Amazing amazing amazing"

YT 2018.12.06 Sean and Kaycee - Skyscraper Concept and Choreography by Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval
Headlining Duet Other dancer:
Sean Lew
Jerel "Jmocak" Mascarines

Dedicated to Camp Fire victims.

YT 2019.01.16 Game of Survival - RUELLE - FORTYONE Co-Directed and Choreography by Janelle Ginestra-Adams
Co-Directed & Filmed by Spaced Visuals
Styled by Erica Mer
Assisted by Jalen Preston
A candidate dancer who takes a audition with No. 59.
A cutthroat audition to get a role on a movie. 59 get second - or say better - zero points, because she cannot be true on herself.
Other dancers:
41 Andrew Lane-Partlow
77 Tahani Anderson
130 Jaydn Hermandez
3 Vivien Lopez
12 Jenna Alverez
127 Mollary Jul
76 Sparkles Lund
The numbers 59 and 41 are in bigger letters in the credit. Kaycee's parents stated once that they wouldn't allow her to perform on Dance Moms again, because of the inaccurate over-dramatization of the cutthroat process in the show gives outsiders a bad eye on the dance industry. [48] [49]
"It is all in your mind? Or, is it real? Regardless, what really matters is - do not let pressures that you feel externally or put on yourself allow you to crumble. The moment you stoop or crumble, there are people waiting to take your spotlight. Black out the noise; visualize a clear path; and take the spot that God designed for you. Sometimes you have to claw your way there, so do it with the integrity of who you are, and don't ever stoop down to a level that is inauthentic. Your opportunity awaits you. As an amazing person once quoted, 'Stay ready, so you don't have to get ready.' "- Epilogue "WillDaBeast" Adams

Online NetworksEdit

Platform Network Hosts Subjects Other Guests Notes
Name Release
YT 2013.07.22 These Kids Have Talent Kaycee Rice Interview - July 2013
Get to know 10-Year-Old YouTube Sensation, Kaycee Rice!
YT 2013.08.19 DancingWithYT Get to Know: Kaycee Rice
Interview of 10 year old Kaycee Rice from Studio 13 Dance in California.
YT 2018.07.24 Dance Network - To the Pointe Kristyn Burtt Sean Lew & Kaycee Rice - Their backgrounds, goals, World of Dance and relations to other choreographers. Sean Lew
YT 2018.9.17 Dance Network Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice - Fundraiser Event NY Interview Sean Lew

Good Quality Videos of Kaycee's Live ShowcasesEdit

Platform Title Event Role Notes
Name Release
YT 2015.10.02 Kaycee Rice Experience Barbie Rock ‘n Royals Concert Headlining with two backgrounds Other dancers:
Tahani Anderson
Sparkles Lund
Janelle Ginestra
"Brand New Sound"
YT 2016.12.16 Kaycee Rice FrontRow World of Dance Live OC 2016 Starring Solo


Online (still)Edit


Platform Title Client Role Notes
Name Release
YT 2018.11.20 "BANG BANG BANG" Dance Ubisoft - Just Dance 2019 Headlining Trio and more
Matt, Kaycee & Bailey will be shown at Just Dance 2019 release date Thanksgiving 2019. They show case the choreography and have demonstrated the game while Kaycee is always winning and Matt makes excuses.
[50] Other dancers:
Matt Steffanina
Bailey Sok
Choreography & Editing: Matt Steffanina
Filmed: Ryan Parma
Location: DNCR Loft
YT 2018.10.17 Kaycee Rice Q&A Famous Birthdays Interview guest Answering personal questions (s.below)
Kaycee Rice - Guess Their Age Contestant Guessing Ages of Other Celebrities Get most right. (s.below)
YT 2018.05.28 Banana Town
(A Walmart Receipt)
Walmart Main role - student & dancer
A teacher tasks to find inspiration in unusual places, a student (Kaycee) read a Walmart receipt to get it and the classroom transformed to a dancing Wonderland by items.
[51] Nominated for a World Choreography Awards Commercials (Tricia Miranda) [52] .
Running during The Oscars 2018.
Directed: Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg.
YT 2018.05.25 Fun Socks Friday with Kaycee Rice Fun Socks (TM) Solo Dancing Model [53] Kaycee helped a small start-up.
YT 2018.05.23 #BestFriendDance Netflix Starring Duet Shown is best friend dance according #alexaandkatie, streaming was sponsored by Netflix. (s.below)
YT 2018.01.20 I DESIGNED A SHOE FOR NIKE - Kaycee Rice Nike Starring Model and Dancer [54] Filming and directing by Sean Lew
YT 2017.08.17 Kaycee Rice - Dancing In The Streets of LA 💃🏻 Weirdo Apparel Inc. Solo Dancing in LA by Introducing Herself [55] Small clip to push her own start-up. It all started by the cute "Weirdo Beanies" powered by mommy.
YT 2017.01.12 The Coolest Tights w/ Nike Young Athletes Nike Starring Model and Dancer [56] Worldwide broadcast.
YT 2016.05.31 Teasers – Part Juice, Part Tea, Totally Amazing! Juicy Juice USA Acting herself as consumer [57] National broadcast.
YT 2016.04.12 Kaycee Rice and Gabe DeGuzman Electro-Kicks Video Gia-Mia - Electro Kicks Headlining Duet Within Dance Group [58] Other dancers:
Gabe De Guzman
Desiree Gonzales
Arnel Vasquez
Mason Idler
Dom Ruiz
Tessa Bella
Patrick Andrada
Elizabeth Demuth
Bailey Sok
Sean Lew
River Sadlon
Sydney Kidd
Isabella Farris
Zach Molton
Cedric Reboya
Paula Andrada
Samantha Vivo
and Gabriel Tomada.
Choreography by Erik Saradpon.
Filmed and edited by Anthony Kin.
YT 2015.09.09 A-B-C, Easy as 1-2-3!" (originally by The Jackson 5) Early Learning Academy Background Student and Dancer
New student at school is introduced by classmates.
[59] Many other dancers.
Long clip by 4:37 min.
YT 2015.05.10 Backstage Look: Dance Your Heart Out! FabKids Model and Dancer [60] One of seven kid models. National broadcast.
YT 2015.03.09 Backstage Look: Kaycee Rice FabKids Starring Model and Dancer [61] Tap-Dancing.
Short interview with Tricia Miranda [62]



Best Friend DanceEdit

Famous BirthdaysEdit


About KayceeEdit

  • "Kaycee is an alien!" (JoJo Gomez- behind-the-scenes documentary "Growing pains")
  • "Keep on shining, my little rock star!" (Nika Kljun - when Kaycee was first time assisting Nika in her class)
  • " ... the one and only 'Kaycee Rice'." (Brain Friedman, actually @kayceericeofficial, his birthday congratulations when she turned 16)
  • "I saw Kaycee and thought, 'Oh, you're mine.' " (Tricia Miranda, when she first time entered Studio 13) - And soon her Munchie [63] initialized Tricia's mother instinct by putting out Kaycee's superpower 'cute, charming smile', turned the iron pro who had never taught kids into a pro dancers mommy, who tells the kids all the secrets to be successful in the dance industry, and suddenly the studios are exploding by tribbles .
  • "She is fearless as well." (JoJo Gomez- behind-the-scenes documentary "Growing pains") -Yeah, messed up á Capella solo, Katy Perry's tweet, performing on The Oscars with Pharell Williams, SuperBowl Halftime Show with Katy and Missy, get introduced by Justin Bieber in full arena to about 46,000 people and blindfolded dancing on NBC prime time. - That has to be the hell of a gig Kaycee might be shocked.
  • "She's too nice! Whenever we ask her opinion in rehearsal, she just shrugs her shoulders and giggles." (Gabe De Guzman)
  • "She is the worst decision maker, too." (Sean Lew)
  • "Not a great choreographer." (Sean Lew on air at To the Pointe) - and Kaycee instantly agreed and got some stress later. - Our master student is claiming on air not to be a great choreographer? An embarrassment for the entire dance industry! - And it to took reverence four months later, when Sean served under Kaycee co-choreographing Red Velvet's music video "Really Bad Boy" as member of her "skeleton crew".

By KayceeEdit

  • "When I dance I want always people feel inspired. Dance makes me feel alive and initialized by people you love and people who love you. The energy is nothing but contagious and it feels like family." [64]
  • "I'm Kaycee Rice and I encourage you to be bold, be brave and be inspired." [65]
  • "Dance is my life. I do it 24/7. And even I didn't want to dance for even one second, I would still be dancing." [66]
  • "Life without dance would be really boring. I properly would be one these people sitting on the couch, eating chips, playing video games. I'm homeschooled too. So I wouldn't get any physical activity. It would be boring for me, because dance is my life. - Yes!"
  • "Make sure that you are thankful for everything you have, because in a second it could be gone" aka cape diem. [67]
  • "... people leave hate comments and stuff. I just don't let it effect me or bother me, because, you know, I live a life to the fullest and loving what I'm doing and I love the people around me and I'm thankful for that. So I don't listen to the hate comments. I just go on with my life and do what I love."
  • "... just ignore it, ... Because there's always going to be haters no matter who you are or what you do." aka "Don't feed the trolls!"
  • "If you never built a pillow fort before, you have not completed your childhood."

Fun FactsEdit

  • Kaycee's favorite color is blue, her favorite number is 13 and her favorite food is steak or shrimps with fried rice.
  • She is a regular visitor at Disneyland LA and once in Disneyland Paris as prize of all-inclusive trip for being grand title champion and Miss Teen Dance Icon Thunderstruck International Finals 2015 for attending World Final and once in Disneyworld Orlando.
  • Regarding IMDb Weirdo used to be a stunt girl for Mackenzie Foy in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, but that seems to be an one-time event until now.
  • She liked editing funny videos when she was younger. [68]
  • Kaycee is good in playing cards; she has always a set in pocket. Regarding Sean Lew she is in general good at sport games; [69] frustrating her friends and choreographers. But sometimes they strike back. [70]
  • She likes to go swimming and waterboarding at "the lake".
  • She describes herself as a tomboy person. She is wearing in a sort of self-irony occasionally sweaters with a label "TOMBOY " or "Boy" on videos and is rarely wearing dresses, skirts, heels or make-up. Dancing in heels is more a kind of job that's evil for her. This was an occasional concept in past before she preferred wearing her own or Nike merchandise. Most famous her "BAD 1" team jersey.
  • Kaycee celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah.
  • She danced on America's Got Talent with a broken foot and on a national dance competition with a broken arm. Last her dance group won.
  • After a resurrection, the first person she would like to talk to would be Debbie Reynolds.
  • She started practicing Tae Kwon Do before dancing, being certified Blue Belt.
  • She is suffering on common west-coast "like" disease during unprepared speaking. The 10-years-old Kaycee was much more eloquent than the 15-years-old one.
  • She is the worst at remembering names of people she knows.
  • Her currently most embarrassing moment: When she was performing on a dance competition a á Capella solo (tapping without music). She thought in the middle it might be cool to repeat last steps and forgot the rest of the dance by that. After few repetitions of the last steps she finally stopped, shanks the shoulders, said "I forgot" and went off stage, while the entire theater room was laughing. And she "really" appreciates, that her family taped the whole thing, so it can be watched over and over again.
  • She is struggling to get into gears after waking up. She explicitly warned not to mess with her when she is still booting and kindness feature isn't online yet.
  • After a long working day she likes to take a shower, got to bed and fall asleep during watching Netflix. She described herself as pretty lazy.


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